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Select Hearing Aid. Select Aid Controls. Rocker Switch Controls p. 17. Control Surface Controls p. 17. Size 312 Battery - Brown. Size 13 Battery - Orange. How to change batteries, how to take care of your hearing aids, tips for new users, how to fix common problems, or find instructions for a specific product here. Learn to operate and maintain your MicroTech hearing aids. If you don't see the operations manual you need, call MicroTech Customer Service at Step-by-step instructions for using the hearing aid. 19. Step 1. Getting to know your hearing aid. 19. Step 2. Battery preparation. 22. Step 3. Inserting the battery. Manuals, Literature & Specs Hearing Aid Modification Guide, Download PDF. Advanced Hearing Instrument Modifications Lab Video, Play Videos. T? Remote After a particular hearing aid user guide, just write your manufacturer below. You are able to search for both user guides for NHS hearing aids and user guides Learn to operate and maintain your Audibel hearing aids. If you don't see the operations manual you need, call Audibel Customer Service at 800-769-2590.Find the operations manual for your Starkey hearing aid. Learn to operate and maintain your Starkey hearing aids for the best performance. About. Identify your hearing aid and earpiece. 10. BTE13 PP with sound hook and mold. 12. BTE13 PP with thin tube (Corda miniFit Power). 14. Identify left and Please take the time to read this guide as it will help you get the best out of your new hearing aid. It will remind you of what your audiologist explained at your

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